We at Harvestime Tabernacle have been have been faithfully working to build not only our church but our community. In addition to the preaching the Good News of the Gospel, Harvestime’s ministries include offering computer training programs at the church building; offering breast cancer screening at a mobile clinic which pulls up at the church building; hosting NYPD crime prevention programs and NYFD fire safety programs at the church building; delivering food to homeless shelters; making referrals to GED classes and other good works. We are also considering an after-school program. All of this is in danger if we are to lose our church building.

            US Bank is pursuing an unusual Federal Court foreclosure process in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York rather than commencing this matter in state Supreme Court where the overwhelming majority of foreclosures are commenced and where US Bank commences most of their foreclosures. They are aggressively pursuing this unusual course and have rejected all of our reasonable offers of settlement. To date we have raised over $125,000.00 to resolve this matter and we are diligently working to raise more while also working with another bank for a refinancing. Despite this, US Bank is relentlessly pushing ahead with a motion for summary judgment in their rush to a sale.

            Furthermore, this loan was originated by Greenpoint Mortgage Funding, Inc., a lender which has recently agreed to pay $14,750,000.00 to settle discrimination claims against them alleging violations of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Fair Housing Act during the same time that this loan was originated. Greenpoint denies doing anything wrong, but I am concerned that the practices alleged to affect residential loans to African-American and Hispanic borrowers in the case of Ramirez v. Greenpoint (Northern District of California 08-cv-00369) may have affected the origination of this loan.  Because this property is non-residential we are not part of the class-action of the Ramirez case.

            Please help us save our church. Thank you very much.